Share your CPU time for charity

During your computer idle time (when you do nothing) Google Chrome browser extension will start computing difficult math to earn money. Later we will transfer that money to Charity.

You can make a difference with only 3 clicks.

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Sharing has never been easier

You can share computer resource when you're not doing any work and it just stays power-on. It's a non-intrusive way to share your CPU time during idle periods and contribute to the charity.

The Google Chrome browser extension will start doing difficult math tasks when you're away or manually activated it. Those math tasks are used in order to keep alive cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and later rewarded by some tiny amount of profit.

We will gather that profit and transfer at least 90% of it to the charity. The rest would be used to keep maintaining this site and develop new browser extensions.

Basically, you can just install it and forget. Default settings are designed to not cause any problems for you.

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How It Works

Install the Extension

Visit extension page and click "Add to Chrome". More browsers coming soon.

Share your CPU time

Click on extension icon and press "Start" or just use your computer regulary.

And generate revenue

Upon an idle time the extension will activate itself. When you're back to work - immediately shuts down.

Transfer to Charity

After collecting all the revenue we will send it to the charity and display the result publicly on this site.

Currently supported charity

Save The Children (

Save the Children believes every child deserves a future. In the United States and around the world, we give children a healthy start in life, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm. We do whatever it takes for children – every day and in times of crisis – transforming their lives and the future we share.

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Facts And Questions

Can you tell me a couple of examples of using this extension?

Example A: You go away from your PC for 10min to make a coffee. During that time extension will be turned on and you'll help!

Example B: You got distracted by the colleague who shows a funny YouTube cat video for the 5 minutes. Even during that time extension will be turned on and you'll help!

Example C: You want to relax and watch a beautiful rotating animation while listening pleasant computer fan sound. Just click browser icon and press "start"!

Can I adjust how much power I want to donate?

Yes, just click on extension icon, press settings and select low-medium-high performance buttons.

Can I turn it on manually?

Yes, just click on extension icon and press "start". Keep in mind that depending of the performance settings your computer might become pretty busy and noisy. If this is a problem, just lower performance setting.

Can I disable automated start?

Yes, just click on extension icon, press settings and deselect "Auto start on idle".

Which Charities/NGOs will receive the money?

Preference will be taken to those who accept cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins. However, we'll try to support as many different ones as possible and will convert cryptocurrencies to real dollars. You can even suggest your own NGO on the contacts section.

How I know that money will receive charities?

We will make all the process as transparent as possible. For now it is very hard to say any details, but we will transfer at least 90% of the profits to the current charity organization. The rest will be used for maintenance and other browsers support?

Will you publish charity results/stats?

Yes. Whatever they will, be it will be published regularly. Transparency is our goal.

How often you're rotating supporting charity?

Right now the plan is to rotate them every month or after we receive the funds.

What exactly browser extension does?

With the default settings it autostarts when the browser detects "idle" state. Typically it is when you go for a coffee or get distracted from PC. Then it uses math to compute hashes for some cryptocurrencies, so called "mining" process. After completing those the miner gets tiny award. That award is saved and bit by bit grows. When you're back and move your mouse/press any key miner immediately stops, thus giving all the computer power back to you again.

Is it safe?

Yes. All it does is computing hashes and other math stuff. However play carefully with maximum performance option as your computer might become a little too noisy.

Which browsers do you support?

Currently it is only Google Chrome. We plan support for Firefox and Edge though.

What are the alternative ways to help charities?

You can always help Charities/NGOs directly and we really encourage it! Use this tool, just as an additional way to help.

I want to help

Great! You can spread the word about us using the share buttons at the right of this page. Also contact us at and tell what you think.

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Google Chrome Help For Good extension or just download Google Chrome extenstion

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